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What is Dunning Kruger Effect?

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What is Dunning Kruger Effect?

The tendency for unskilled individuals to overestimate their own ability and the tendency for experts to underestimate their own ability.

Most people are pretty stupid.

Before you get all aggy about that statement, do the maths. At absolute best anyone of average intelligence or below is by definition, pretty stupid. Depending on which average we’re talking about, that means potentially at least 50% of the population are thick as shit.

Maybe that includes you. Maybe that includes me (hint: nah).

The Dunning Kruger Effect suggests that people unskilled in intelligence (the stupids) will not recognise just quite how unskilled they are in intelligence.

So you arrive at a situation whereby, let’s say 52% of the population (ahem) think they know more than the experts. We’ve had enough of experts, after all.

Maybe this explains Brexit. Just a tad.

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