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What is Direct to Garment Printing

The days of screen printing, heat transfer or Hot press are now a distant memory… Pushed into the stratosphere, that it is! Bring in DTG (Direct To Garment Printing)… It too could be a distant memory with the latest in printing onto textiles technology…

We offer DTG vis print on demand, a range of commercial garments with a range.  What is the advantages and disadvantages of (Direct to Garment) production. Easy for all to design and sell as a ‘Business to Customer’ enterprise…

DTG is perfect for small print runs even a single item.

Printed customised clothing and accessories are a popular choice for marketers and retail brands who are looking to communicate a message or identity.

With choices of garments and production methods dictated by material, quantity, number of colours, turn around and budget, it can be overwhelming. So it makes sense to use a print on demand service such as Spring or Printful.  

Direct to Garment

Direct to garment has evolved since the evolution of digital design and inject style printing… Think of a DTG printer is Inkjet printer on steroids. Designed to print on Cotton since natural fibres accept the ink better that synthetics and can stand multiple washes…

DTG became commercially available in 2005 but has only recently become a viable alternative to traditional production methods. Although the system of printing directly to the garment makes perfect sense the cost of the printers was prohibitive on a commercial scale.

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