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The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency has upgraded class B Waters to class A Waters

The United Kingdom Food Standards Agency has upgraded class B Waters to class A Waters what does that mean for the British shellfish industry?

Mr Potato Head Jeff Taylor recently reported that the FSA has upgraded class B Waters to class A and now the European Union has no excuse but to accept British BiValve molluscs. Mr Potato Head is an average daily mail reader as this was also reported in that highly respected tabloid press.

No 10 was left furious earlier this year when the EU suddenly announced a ban on the export of live mussels, oysters, clams and cockles in what was viewed as an act of revenge for Brexit by the nutjobs who promoted it.

What Mr Potato Head failed to emphasise is the fact that only 11 of the 266 seas have had their status upgraded. But what we must understand is that it does not matter what grade you give your seas if the European Union has not performed its own testing regime on those Waters.

Is the Food Stand Standards Agency independent?

The FSA (Food Standards Agency) a so-called independent body that has as their web domain extension. The Food Standards Agency food safety watchdog set up in 2000 to protect the public’s health and consumer interests in relation to food.

I do not trust this Tory influenced watchdog that is supposed to defend consumer interests while simultaneously nurturing cosy relationships with the food companies, bio-tech companies and large retailers ever since formulation.

Their controversial and biased opinion of those opposed to genetically modified (GM) foods – as a “lunatic fringe”.

At this stage of the game, why would the European Union trust the United Kingdom when it keeps breaking the law. 

George Eustice the Liar and a Class A Di*k

To top the distrust of the United Kingdom, George Eustice has made so many fictitious claims about communications with the European Union and this has left a foul taste in their mouth. 

This doesn’t mean to say that the reclassification of some UK waters to class A will not be recognised by the European Union health organisations. I do say that the United Kingdom will have to prove that recent testing of these Waters meets the exacting standards of the European Union. 

The European Union is a very cautious institution with the purpose of protecting its member states and not necessarily third countries such as the United Kingdom.

The Brexit numpties have voted to be a third country and are no longer able to benefit from being a member. 

Quite frankly most fishermen who voted for Brexit have no idea how their business is conducted through the European Union. So many British fishermen shut down those who are trying to warn them that their decision to leave the European Union will seriously damage the ability to trade. 

Sh*t is still in the Sea

The quality of the waters around the United Kingdom have not been cleaned since Brexit but quite the opposite: the same dirty practices of pumping sewage into the sea via the CSO’s is still going on.

It doesn’t matter what the food standard agency might be telling you, it doesn’t mean to say That the waters surrounding the United Kingdom meet the high standards of the European Union.

Instead changes like these are dangerous for the population of the United Kingdom. Avid lovers of bivalve molluscs such as mussels and oysters are putting themselves at risk. UK  fished LBM’s Are still likely to contain high levels of toxins and pathogens such as e-Coli. 

Live Bivalve Molluscs should still undergo depuration to give them the colonic they deserve, lowering the risk of death!

To add to  bad relations

UK-EU relations could be further strained by another food standards dispute over the trade of foie gras. 

A cross-party group of British MPs wrote to ministers urging the government to ban sales of foie gras in the UK.

The concept of force-feeding animals so their liver swells up to such a size it becomes diseased and that is ‘foie gras’ is barbaric. 

Escalating Tensions between France and the United Kingdom making it even less likely for the European Union to accept UK’s imaginary class A Waters. 

Let me be frank the only reason these MPs are campaigning against foie gras is an attack on France. They are so concerned about Animal Rights they have voted against them,  they are so concerned about human rights they have voted against them,  they are so concerned about slavery they have omitted it! 

Pro Brexit Youtube channels such as Jeff Taylor & scum riddled tabloid press such as the Daily Mail or Express are lying to you.

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