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Support our Rewilding Project

Some of you may already know that we rewilding 2 hectares of land… Our plan is to plant 1000 trees over the next two years… Why? Well Our environment is in crisis and it is imperative that we all try to make a difference not just us humans but to create an environment for all creatures Great And Small… Trees are only one part of our plan.

We also intend to replant hedgerows and install varied vegetation. We have already made a start and have so far planted 155 bought trees and propagated over 350…  I and my dear wife want to do our bit but we can’t do it alone as we don’t have a lot of money but what we do have is land here in France. We hope you can help us to plant over 1000 trees… but, not just trees. As a woodworker we are making 60 birdboxes 15 Bat Roosts, 10 Hedgehog boxes, 4 1m2 insect houses and 10 Owl Boxes…

How Much Does a Tree Cost?

The trees are costing anything from 25€ but We know times are tough, so even a small contribution could provide a habitat for wildlife such as a bat box or Hedgehog…It will go towards sustainable timber.

We Celebrate Your Contribution

plant a tree sign

Your contribution won’t go unnoticed as we promise that every tree or animal shelter will bear your name or why not in remembrance of a loved one… in the form of a Pyrography or a Routered sign placed with your tree etc…( Please include your request with your donation)… Contribute via our page on GoFund Me

Can you help by either giving £25 for a tree to even multiples of? We understand that times are tough so if you want to syndicate a tree a smaller donation is also appreciated and we will put a sign with your name alongside the other contributors. 

As a woodworker in my workshop, I will also be making bat boxes, bird boxes, insect houses and protected spaces for hedgehogs. We will share the experience live and with recorded videos. So you can see for yourself that your contribution has made a difference…