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Labour group urges Keir Starmer to back better Brexit deal

MPs and activists urge their leader to commit to aligning Britain with Brussels and restoring EU programmes

Keir Starmer has said Labour would be ‘facing the wrong way’ if it continued to argue over Brexit. 

Keir Starmer is a quick reader. As a barrister, he was renowned for his ability to digest complex briefs. but, the Labour leader, is coming under pressure from Europhile MPs and party activists to support sweeping changes to the Brexit deal as concern rises about the damage it is doing to Britain’s economy and jobs and the freedom to move and work across the continent.

But is the damage already done? The sentiment in the UK is so Eurosceptic and anger towards the UK is rising amongst citizens in the EU. 

Fishermen blockading the ports preventing UK fishermen from accessing EU markets is a prime example.  

Starmer, a Europhile and leading proponent of a second referendum under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.  has been criticised by some in the party for accepting Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnsons undercooked Brexit unread deal, and refusing to speak out more strongly about its damaging effects, since it passed through parliament with Labour backing last December.


Asked at the time if Labour could push to renegotiate the deal at the next general election, Starmer said he did not want to still be debating Brexit. “If we are still arguing in 2024 about what has gone in these past four years, we’re facing the wrong way as far as I’m concerned,” he said.

Keir Starmer, you are a blooming moron. That argument to just carry on this destructive path is absolutely insane. 

The deal is damaging British exporters as well as contributing to tensions in Northern Ireland and restricting people’s right to travel and work in the EU. Many pro-Europeans are looking for Labour to lead a push for a better deal short of rejoining the bloc.

In a report published by Another Europe is Possible.

workers’ rights and the economy and restore membership of EU projects such as the Erasmus student exchange programme. 

One result of the Brexit deal, he says, is that Britain is having to replicate agencies and other bodies it used to be part of when an EU member.

For Instance, the UK is forced to restart animal testing. The UK has no access to the largest chemical database called EU REACH. The UK has announced a new imaginatively called UK REACH. 

Trade and economic cooperation with Europe would also be far easier if Britain agreed to harmonise more regulations with Brussels instead of misleading the public into thinking that the UK was benefiting economically from winning back sovereignty.

Now is the time for Starmer to attack the CON-servatives while Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson has so many chinks in his armour. 

Removing the charlatan must be of paramount importance. Hi followers are waning as they slowly see the man behind the fluff. 

You may say that: what is the point? He could be replaced with somebody even worse. The difference here is that the electorate voted for Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson and his half baked Brexit. Well, Brexit is a disaster and there is nobody in the Tory party with his personality that could win the hearts of those shallow voters. Opening a path for the Labour party.

So, Keir Starmer grow a pair and shed yourself of that ‘John Major Grey’ and then you may have a slim chance of becoming the Prime minister.


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