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keir starmer pub brawl

Keir Starmer finds himself in an anti lockdown grapple with a Raven COVIDIOT Rodders the face nappy hater Bath Pub landlord nutcase?

The Raven’s landlord Rod Humphris loses his head and tries to apprehend Keir Starmer while simultaneously mocking the leader of the opposition for not opposing Face nappies! 

Mr Humphris then went on accusing him of having ‘failed to be the opposition’ by supporting the lockdown and backing plans to make schoolchildren wear masks. 

Please note: I  think this twat needs locking away in a padded cell along with David Icke. 

There is another side to this story that affects people close to Rod Humphris. I will show you in a moment, But first:

A day in the life of the leader of the Labour Party

Sir Keir visited Bath, where he was involved in an incident with Rod Humphris, who runs The Raven pub in the city centre with Tim Perry.

The Labour Party press office said on its Twitter account that it would “not be amplifying” the footage of Sir Keir and the landlord.

So let me!

What actually happened?

As the politician paused outside the Pub the Plonker waved a piece of paper at him, saying: ‘Do you understand we have f***ed our economy because old people are dying?’ Those pesky Pensioners

“Keir argued that our NHS staff have been working tirelessly to protect public health and that restrictions – while painful – have been absolutely necessary to save lives.”

Finally, Sir Keir stopped and confronted him, pointing out the work done by the NHS in the pandemic, including his wife Victoria, who is a nurse.

He said that they had been ‘completely overwhelmed’ with cases, adding: ‘They have been on the front line keeping people alive, so I really don’t need lectures from you about this pandemic. Thank you. Shall we go in?’

A bit about Rodders

Mr Humphris describes himself as a ‘traveller and dog lover’ and spends his free time penning crime/noir fiction.

his most prized possession was a side-by-side shotgun made by Birmingham gunsmith Thomas Wild, in 1885. 

Sir Keir, who was wearing a black face mask while inside, left the pub following the confrontation, accompanied by members of his team.

Later, the landlord, who said he does not agree with coronavirus lockdowns, said: ‘He walked into my pub without asking and I threw him out. Or at least, I did my best to throw him out – his security got in the way.’

‘I had heard that the Labour Party were coming round and he turned up and I told him what I thought of him, basically.

‘I think he has utterly failed us as the Leader of the Opposition. 

The Numpty did spout a load of Covid Denyer nutjob shit but I can’t be bothered with that loser anti vac Bill Gates wants to turn us off BS 

He has completely failed to ask the questions that needed asking, like, why did we throw away our previous pandemic preparedness?

‘Why have we just accepted lockdown? Why have we just accepted the loss of all our freedoms?’ 

Speaking afterwards, Mr Humphris added: ‘He was outside – so I went and politely waited till I got his attention. ‘Then he walked past me and went into the pub and so I followed him in to eject him. I was restrained by his security and then he left.’

The crazy loon continued

Mr Humphris claimed the enforcement of masks to combat the virus was ‘pointless’ and wishes the government had chosen to ignore pressure from other countries to go into lockdown.

Rod did not care about the consequences of his actions and who he drags down with him. I jest about this ridiculous situation but also I fret as there are people suffering from lack of thought and are taken in by his actions. The result is that people die!!!

But also his poor pub partner Tim Perry does not agree with him and has posted on the pubs’ twitter that Rod’s thoughts are Rods alone and a video of himself in despair.


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