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Boris Johnson’s no10 Downing Street a Cesspit full of Snakes and Cowards “let the bodies pile high in their thousands”

“If even remotely true the Prime Minister must resign immediately,” one person said.

The flare-up in Downing Street showed no sign of slowing down last night after it was claimed Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson the shape-shifting creep  would have rather seen “bodies piled high in their thousands” than impose another Covid lockdown.

The problem for Boris Johnson is that everyone can imagine him saying exactly this.

And what a shocking insult to the families of the tens of thousands who did actually die for his vapid incompetence.

dominic cummings secret life

And let’s not forget the revelations that the male dominatrix ‘Dominic Cummings’  exposed in his Blog.

Accusing Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson of his child-like approach to the Pandemic.

Why are we so surprised that Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson would blurt such disgusting words. We need to remember the kind of man this slime ball is

I am no fan of this Daily Sleaze but reports in the Daily Mail the PM begrudgingly agreed to a second, short, lockdown in October after senior ministers and Government scientists warned him at a key No 10 meeting that the NHS faced being overrun.

But the newspaper claimed his frustration bubbled over and he blasted: “No more ****ing lockdowns – let the bodies pile high in their thousands!”

No 10 last night dismissed the claims as “just another lie”, but they will be deeply damaging for Mr Johnson whose government is already engulfed in a series of rows.

Photo South China Morning Post

Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson Vaccine nationalism is fulfilling his prophecy. This stunted slime is prolonging the pandemic. As the WHO said no one is safe until the world has herd immunity. 

He is personally part responsible for the escalating death toll in India. Passing laws that stop the export of vaccines and treatments was a low even for this shit.

Even though today 26/04/2021 No10 has stated that it will send help to India along with EU member states and the US.

This is just too little too late.

If there is one thing we have understood is that rapid definitive action is paramount just like Jacinda Ardern New Zealand’s prime minister’s decisive decisions.

The Unapposing Opposition responds

A Labour Party spokesman said: “If this report is true, then these are truly shocking and sickening comments from Boris Johnson.

“It is hard to imagine how families who have lost loved ones to Covid will feel reading them. He must make a public statement as soon as possible.”

Yet, again another lacklustre performance from Keir Starmer.

I wonder if he actually wants to be the next Prime minister! There is so much ammunition that Keir could load his gun with but instead, he is still backing a destructive Brexit and not holding Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson to account for his Death Bench!

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