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Like Big Brother meets Love Island meets Lord of the Flies.

Every day we’re working on Jinja Island, Graham Hughes and I will be live streaming our progress for your viewing pleasure.

Every bolt, every nail, every screw, every screw-up will be transmogrified at the speed of light and beamed magically into your laptop / tablet / phone / tin-can-on-a-string.

Welcome all ye scurvy landlubbers! Every working day from 4pm local time, we’ll be lowering Jinja Island’s fearsome Jolly Roger and declaring a safe haven for chat, debate, constructive criticism and top bants… live and interactive on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Twitch.

We’ll be kicking back, reviewing what we’ve achieved (or failed to achieve) during the day and inviting you to help figure out what we do next. Don’t miss it!