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Lorry Parks at Dover

A TORY politician stands in Human Excrement and Kent HATES Brexit Lorry Parks, but it’s not BREXIT RED TAPE! A Tory MP reveals the Dover Gridlock is a pile of Sh*t… Yes, there is Poo everywhere, not just our seas but our roads too! Boris Johnson’s government has been urged to start building more lorry parks near Dover or face traffic gridlock around the port, as post-Brexit customs checks continue to cause disruption… Yes, more Farage Garages… I hope the Brexit voting people of Kent are happy with their decision when they put the cross in the wrong box…Kent public toilet… And teams of volunteers clean up bottles of urine and bags of s*** Is that a dividend of Brexit you tell me Please leave it in the comments down below Desperate drivers caught in four-hour queues near Dover have been forced to “s*** in the bushes and bags ” and throw bottles of urine out of the window. “There are simply not enough lorry parking spaces,” said Rod McKenzie, director of policy at the Road Haulage Association (RHA). “The facilities for drivers are inadequate… And the Drivers are jacking it in because its sh*t… The RHA official added: “There’s precious little room in Dover itself. So more infrastructure is needed near the port for checks. There’s a real urgency about this problem – it’s not something that can be ignored much longer.” You can see the queues from outer space! Edwin Atema, from the Dutch FNV union, which works hauliers from across the EU, said drivers are increasingly angry about the time spent waiting in queues at Dover since full customs controls came into force in January. “There is a lot of time not working, just waiting,” Mr Atema said. “Drivers are suffering from the lack of proper facilities. They have to s*** in the bushes. I’ve been there. You can see it, you can smell it. It’s 2022 and this should not be happening.” Conservative MP Huw Merriman, chair of the transport select committee, revealed last month that he accidentally stood in “human excrement” Well, that gives me A warm fuzzy feeling inside that it does …


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