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Festivals Cancelled due to Brexit

Festivals may face a “perfect storm” this year because of Brexit, only a privileged few will be able to tour and perform in EU member states… Paul Reed, chief executive of the Association of Independent Festivals, warned festivals this summer will likely be hit by problems such as labour shortages and supply chain crises, meaning it will not be “business as usual”… if at all During the 2022 AIF Festival Congress, he said the industry has lost skilled workers and is facing a hike in overall costs up to 30 per cent – labelling a government scheme aimed to help the industry as “not fit for purpose”… Surprise Suprise …sounds familiar? he said “We are facing a perfect storm in many ways,”, He added: “We may be emerging from the shadow of the pandemic an into a superspreader UK, but this year will not be a case of ‘business as usual’ without critical support for festival organisers.” Despite prime minister Boris Johnson promising in March last year to solve the bureaucratic issues facing musicians and Michael Gove lying about agreements made with EU member states…Did you know? only Spain signed an agreement…. Deborah Annetts, ISM chief executive, said: “The sector is now facing mountains of red tape, which is both costly and time-consuming… “The proposed solutions such as bilateral agreements with EU states have not materialised, apart from with Spain, and there are serious issues with work permits, cabotage, carnets and designated ports… “All these issues are adversely impacting the UK music industry and the broader creative industries, which is worth £116bn per annum, the same as finance or construction.” But don’t worry Nadine Dorries is on the case well actually she’s not…!


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