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Vet Shortage in the UK because of Brexit

UK food exporters demand ‘urgent’ action over post-Brexit vet shortages Sharp fall in qualified professionals needed to sign off health certificates for products off meat origin going to EU… the number of export health certificates rose from 29,000 in 2020 to more than 288,000 in 2021… The food and drink industry is demanding “urgent action” from the government to tackle severe shortages of vets to process UK food exports after Brexit… Industry groups warned that a sharp decline in EU vets registering to work in the UK since Brexit, coupled with an immense increase in paperwork for exporters, was creating an “unsustainable” staffing squeeze. Food producers estimate that Brexit-related bureaucracy, which has seen the number of official export forms to be filled increase 12-fold since January 2021, is costing the industry £60mn a year. Qualified vets are required to sign off the highly detailed export health certificates, or EHCs, needed to send food to the EU after Brexit, putting huge pressure on the UK’s network of vets, according to the British Veterinary Association. Have I already told you the number of EHCs increased from 29,000 in 2020 to more than 288,000 in 2021, seem relevant to me since an equivalent of 580,000 hours of work for the vets that we do not have… And you think it is bad now what happens when SPS checks are in full play in July 2022



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