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British Farmers sacrificed for CPTPP

Hormone Injected Beef to be Eaten by the British? What has been agreed for the UK to be accepted as a member of the CPTPP? It certainly makes me wonder… And is it a coincidence that a week ago Justin Trudeau of Canada warned that he would veto the UK from joining the trading bloc? And now we hear that the UK has been accepted in principle to join the CPTPP… the argument against the United Kingdom was by Justin Trudeau as he wants free access to UK markets for Canadian Meat… but the UK has a ban on hormone-treated beef… Is it fair to say that the desperate UK government will roll back on that ban? I think so… But The Farmers are kicking off and warning the UK Government ministers that tearing up a ban on hormone-treated beef as part of trade talks with Canada would undermine farming and food sectors… In fact, the Farmers will be better off accepting the government’s pay off of £100,000… The move would likely spark an outcry from UK farmers and environmental campaigners over food safety concerns and animal welfare. Canadian farmers routinely treat cattle with hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone to produce leaner meat… International trade secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan and environment secretary of liars George Eustice are being pressured to rule out ending import controls for “lower standard” products during negotiations this spring… Bringing in cheaper hormone-treated beef “threatens the health of UK consumers and increases the risk of antibiotic-resistant bacteria but also threatens to undermine the UK’s farming and food sectors”. And most definitely block UK farmers from exporting to the EU… Since they don’t want your toxic meat…banning it across member states of the European Union in 1989. Although the Tories refuse to admit it, their extreme Brexit is responsible for the extremely damaging loss of trade we’ve seen, and now they are racing ahead with a deal to join the CPTPP in the hope that it will make up for some of that damage…damaging the environment instead by pumping spent bunker fuel into the atmosphere…


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